Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Top 20 locations

About 2 years ago we started a count on how many times price quotes were calculated by PricePoint users for each city location. Here are the current top 20 out of nearly 300 total city locations:

London 10885
Singapore 9415
Houston 9273
Beijing 7430
Sydney 7185
Dubai 6524
Shanghai 5721
Perth 5208
Brisbane 4642
Hong Kong 4351
Paris 4268
Frankfurt 2662
Guangzhou 2299
Madrid 2232
New York City 2175
Amsterdam 2046
Abu Dhabi 1880
Tokyo 1734
Calgary 1662
Geneva 1530

The top 20 alone totals 93,122 quotes. 

Let's consider that further and conservatively estimate that the average traditional quote process via email request/reply requires 5 minutes of shared processing time between Booker and Agent (not to mention overnight wait time, potential for human error, etc.). 

Let's also assume the average PricePoint quote requires 1 minute (although 10-20 seconds is more likely). That means PricePoint has saved over 6200 combined man hours for the top 20 alone.

In addition, rather than getting one quote per traditional email, PricePoint provides 5-10 company options per location on average.

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