Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Why Save Quotes?

PricePoint's core purpose is to offer instant price quotes from agents, as opposed to the norm of waiting for overnight email quote reply. Although you could simply record the price quote into your file management system, it is highly recommended that you take the simple step of formally saving your quotes within PricePoint, even for non-booked competitive moves. This provides a variety of benefits as follows:

- Tariff Lock: The agent's current tariff is locked in place for that specific quote/customer. Even if the agent later raises their tariff pricing, you can come back and update the quote at a later date with new weight/volume, and PricePoint will still apply the prior locked tariff which has been archived.

- Courtesy email notifications: Your assigned agent will receive a courtesy email notification of the quote. This helps support your various agent relationships, including reciprocal trading interests, as more fully explained here.

- Prevent invoice disputes: Only you and your assigned agent can view the saved quote, which displays full detail on how the quote was calculated. This helps prevent invoice disputes by showing both parties the expected invoice amount, rather than manual calculations which are prone to human error.

- Easy retrieval via Quotes Dashboard: All saved quotes are accessible via your company's private Quotes Dashboard. This is particularly useful when covering for employee illness/holiday absences.