Monday, August 26, 2013

New Feature - Preferred Agent Highlights

Just in time for the upcoming IAM convention in Vancouver, we've added a great new feature for Bookers to better manage directing tonnage to their preferred agent network.

To explain, consider the typical convention environment in which you have meeting after meeting to explore or continue reciprocal trading agreements. Those management-level good faith discussions have the potential to not be followed-through back at the office, simply due to disconnect at the coordination/ops level who were not in attendance at the convention.

Therefore, PricePoint now allows Client Bookers to specify their preferred Agents within our database, which will in turn highlight those agents when the Booker's coordination/pricing staff are assigning moves via PricePoint. See image below, with example preferred Agents highlighted in dark blue (all displayed pricing on this image has been randomized to protect Agent privacy). This new feature enables you to always keep your staff on the same page of who your company's preferred agents are.

Client Booker Usage Instructions

Simply email a list of your preferred agents to, or download a current copy of PricePoint's active Agent list ( to mark your preferred Agents, again emailing to admin@griprocure.comYour request will be processed within 24 hours, with confirmation of completion.

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