Monday, December 1, 2014

Rate Analyst Position

As an international moving company, consider the situation you may occasionally find yourself in, needing to fill a "Rate Analyst" position (i.e. the person whose role is to respond to email rate requests from other movers). Imagine a CV/resume comes across your desk with the following highlights:

  • Experience: handles upwards of 20,000 quotes per month
  • 100% calculation accuracy on all quotes
  • Availability: will work 24/7/365, without breaks or holidays
  • Will respond to all quote requests within seconds
  • Will work for free, no salary/benefits required
Presumably that last point caught your attention. How can such an employee cost nothing? Well, this "employee" is the PricePoint software application, as seen through the lens of a conventional CV/resume. For those who are unfamiliar, there is absolutely no cost for movers to utilize PricePoint for filing and offering confidential tariffs to a growing base of subscribing bookers.

More and more movers are coming to see PricePoint as an employee that does not need to eat, sleep, or be paid. Additionally, compared to human counterparts, PricePoint provides far better customer service to bookers in terms of instant price responses (rather than the booker waiting for overnight email reply), and without risk of expensive human calculation errors.

Mind you, our objective is not to put human staff out of work. Rather, PricePoint can better handle the monotonous and time-sensitive task of price quoting, which allows your people to focus their time and energy on higher priorities.

If you'd like to hire or at least interview this employee, simply contact for more info or to request your company's free user ID/password.

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