Monday, September 22, 2014

New Privacy Controls

It has long been a top priority to provide PricePoint users with confidentiality protections that far exceed the traditional unsecured pricing practices of email quotes and spreadsheet/document tariffs. Furthering that objective, we have now added a couple more dimensions to your privacy controls.

Agents who file tariffs in PricePoint are now able to choose between three levels of automated privacy control: Moderate (recommended), Strict, or Open.

Setting Details:

Moderate setting will automatically restrict your tariffs from being utilized by any new client subscriber that is located in the same country as you, as we assume they are likely considered to be your competition. On the other hand, client subscribers who are not in the same country as you are assumed to be your potential clients, and therefore will be able to auto-calculate instant shipment quotes from your tariffs, unless you specifically apply Restricted status to any company. 

Strict setting will automatically restrict your tariffs from being accessed by ALL new client subscribers, regardless of country locations. With Strict setting, you would need to sign-in and manually authorize tariff access for any new client subscribers. Therefore consider that strict setting will limit the marketing value that PricePoint offers your company as a service provider. 

Open setting will automatically allow any company to utilize your tariffs, regardless of country locations, unless you specifically apply Restricted status to a company. This setting is recommended for freight service providers. 

The Moderate setting is exactly the same protocol which has been standard in PricePoint up to the present, and therefore is the default setting. These settings can be accessed in "Advanced Settings" under the "Privacy/Discount" menu.

Also keep in mind that agent confidentiality is further protected by all PricePoint client subscribers signing a strict non-disclosure agreement which explicitly highlights agent pricing as confidential. 

Lastly, given the new confidentiality protections, we are tweaking the privacy protocol in regards to new subscribers. Whenever a new subscriber was joining PricePoint, we previously applied a 10 day mandatory wait period and two email notifications at beginning and end of wait period. We are changing the wait period to 1 calendar week and only one announcement at the beginning. This will reduce the number of messages in your inbox, while still providing ample time to adjust your privacy settings towards new subscribers, if necessary.

Our complete Privacy Pledge is available here.

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