Friday, January 24, 2014

Destination THC Exclusion

PricePoint clients now have greater pricing flexibility with managing the somewhat variable detail of Destination THC, which is typically excluded from the cost of freight and paid at destination. However sometimes the DTHC is prepaid with the freight, which is the purpose of the new upgrade.

Originally we always automatically added DTHC into the PricePoint DA cost quotation. The DTHC amount was visible on the the formal quote detail screen, so the Booker could manually deduct the DTHC amount from the quote.

Now we have a toggle switch on the Price Calculator page which allows the Booker to easily include/exclude DTHC from all quotes. The only exception is if the agent has treated the DTHC as a base rate inclusion rather than specifying the amount separately on their tariff (we prefer and request the latter). In such cases, the exception is highlighted as per the following screenshot.

Note: all displayed prices are altered for agent privacy protection
Lastly, the quote detail screen will still display the DTHC amount for reference purposes, but will note it as excluded from the total cost.

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