Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Revolutionary Price Analysis Tool

We have added an incredible new tool to PricePoint which allows clients to easily compare tariff price levels between multiple agents. Having manually performed such analysis in the past using tedious spreadsheets, I can personally attest this reduces many hours of work into a matter of seconds.

First, since this touches on an sensitive element of price privacy, allow me to remind the following precautions in place as agent safeguards:

  • Agents can restrict any clients from accessing their rates/identity, including on the analysis tool.
  • Clients are restricted by default from other agents' pricing in the same country.
  • Only clients can access the analysis tool.
  • All clients have signed a strict non-disclosure agreement prohibiting them from sharing any agent pricing with any other agent.

The following explanation is paired with the below screenshot. The Client user is able to select any Market location within PricePoint (e.g. Singapore, London, Chicago, et al.). Upon doing so, PricePoint's algorithm performs thousands of calculations within a few seconds and produces a chart (upper section) of all available agents' tariff price rankings, per shipment type. The ranks (1 is lowest cost) are a composite based on a broad array of shipment sizes per type.

In the lower section, the user is able to specify any of the available agents for a detailed breakdown of price differentials compared to 1) Market Leader, and 2) Market Average. Example: the selected agent's Destination FCL Loose pricing is 1.78% higher than the market leader, and 15.96% below the market average.

With this information, the client can determine if their preferred agents are offering market-competitive pricing. If not, the client can request an exclusive tariff discount from the agent, which the agent can easily apply on their Privacy/Discount settings page.

All data displayed on the analysis tool is specific to the client user, including exclusive discounts from agents.

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