Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Agent Usage Tips #1

I thought it could be useful to offer a recurring series of usage advice to Agent users of PricePoint.  These are not meant to absolute recommendations, but rather considerations of how you can make use of the unique capabilities which PricePoint offers, compared to traditional pricing methods.

Since this is the first post on this topic, let's focus on a couple items for first time users: Quote Basis and Rank.

Quote Basis:

An important design feature of PricePoint is that it allows the Agent flexibility to customize their tariff structure, including unit of measure (cubic foot, cubic meter, pounds).  Understand this is for YOUR preference. You do not need to worry about the Booker's preference, because they will not see your actual tariffs (in fact no one but you can see your tariffs, as this is a privacy/security measure).  Bookers can only access your pricing via specific price quotes which they can enter in their own preferred units of measurement, and PricePoint performs all necessary conversions automatically.


After you have submitted tariffs, you will notice a Rank column on your Tariffs Overview page. This is a algorithmic calculation of your tariffs' price competitiveness for that specific location and shipment type, compared to all other agents in PricePoint (1 is lowest price). Important to note this is entirely anonymous, no competing agents will know each others identity or rank. We created the Rank feature because in my past as an Agent, I found it difficult to determine how competitive my tariff pricing actually was.  Therefore the Rank feature provides instant constructive feedback.  Based on that feedback, you are free to adjust your tariff as many times as you wish. The Rank will instantly update every time you re-save a tariff.

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